FXB Bellevue – Week 6- Starting off on the RIGHT foot..

Well, 5:00am and 6:00am classes have already given us a LEVEL-10 Effort this morning, 4/30/2012 – the afternoon classes will have to give us there “ALL” to keep up the pace!!! I came to the gym today at about 5:30am… the windows were steamy… and when I took the mat for 6:00am class… I had about 28 people ready and willing to keep that intensity high… oh wait… don’t we have 45 people registered for 6:00am… WHERE WERE YOU ALL? I hope you guys make it later today!

This blog will be updated daily… I am going to speak to you guys about the workouts… the nutrition, and the energy… speaking of energy… lets try to “up-it” everyday all week! Lets rock it out all class long…. I am only asking for 45-minutes… During those 45-minutes, give us 100% – LEVEL-10!

I admittedly have not been following the nutrition portion of the program for a while and stepped on the scale and used a bodyfat meter this weekend for the first time since the holidays… I was not happy. I am close to 200lbs and 17.8% body fat. I am going to walk you guys through the next 5-weeks of the FXB Session, showing you what 100% dedication is like… and what results can happen with that dedication. My goal is to lost 3 inches off my waist, 3% body fat, and decrease my mile time to under 6-minutes. I want to increase my pushups and situps…  as well…. all measurable goals… healthy goals…

Today I taught 6:00am class, so I did not get a full FXB workout in. My schedule doesnt allow for me to go to another class, so Jessica and I will go for a run, walk or bike ride tonight to make sure I stay active! I will attempt to workout in addition to teaching everyday… no matter what…

My food today was planned out last night… Greek Yogurt w/ fruit, A “flat-out” tortilla w/lean meat & Special K Cracker Chips, Protein Shake for Breakfast… I will have crackers and shrimp for a snack & tonight’s dinner will be chicken & brown rice w/ broccoli… with a greek-yogurt dessert. All portions will be measured to meet my carb/protein numbers… have no fear!

Feel free to comment on, reply to, or share your daily journey with us as well! You can click “follow” to have this emailed to you on a daily basis!

5-more weeks of working hard… eating right, and getting results… LETS DO THIS!


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