Tuesday… Lower-Body…

Today I started using MyFitnessPal.com to log my food for the next 5-weeks. I am going to use this to make sure I am sticking with my carb/protein numbers and staying on track… but above all… planning ahead! Lunches/snacks/dinner were all planned last night and packed for a long day.

Today I attended lower-body at Northwest early this morning. Lots of drop sets, but I will go ahead and teach at 4:30pm in Bellevue implementing some new super-sets into the routine. This will be a good way for me to strengthen my legs and get my heart rate going, along with everyone at 4:30pm!

I then will play 6-sets of Omaha Sports Club co-ed indoor court volleyball tonight… 6-sets of competitive volleyball, plus two lower-body workouts… hmmm, I’ll see everyone at NOON tomorrow (no earlier)!

Although I left the house early this AM and wont return to nearly 10pm… I wanted to make sure I packed enough food to keep me fueled, but also the RIGHT food to keep my blood sugar balanced, and my energy up! Don’t forget to plan your food around your schedule, and make sure you take sensible things that you can eat on the go when you cannot sit down for a meal. No one says that Meal 1 has to be breakfast and meal 3 needs to be lunch… you can mix up the meals just so that you are eating 6-times a day and hitting those numbers at each and every meal!

Talk to you tomorrow!



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