Wednesday Night Kickboxing…

Yesterday was a tough one… wow… by the time the 6th set came around for volleyball, I had no legs left. I was not jumping very high, or hitting very hard… next Tuesday… only one workout… I promise!

Today I will be taking 4:30pm class… Molly will kick my butt, then I will dish out a butt kicking of my own at 5:30pm. I planned my meals again today and you can find them on MyFitnessPal – WayneFXB.

So far, being day-3… things are going well. I am staying focused and working hard… lets see how the rest of the week goes…

I will admit… I wanted to cheat last night… it was a long day… very long… and I crave ice cream… but I didnt! I stayed true to the plan and drank lots of water…. I was very happy to wake up this morning knowing that I did it… that pride is something you can replace!

I want to see everyone working hard today… this is Wednesday… its Week-6 – you can’t get this day back, so give it everything you got!


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