The Struggle of Weight / Body Fat / Inches & Appearance…

So, its week six… we have all been working hard, eating well, and kicking butt, right? Well, why is the scale still show a number I dont like? Why is it that I put in all this energy, hard work, sacrifice, and I am still at a number that makes me cringe?

I battle this all the time as well… As I said on Monday… I am near 200lbs. I am between 6-foot and 6’1, my weight is high for me… it has not been this high in a while… but when I got measured… my biceps are bigger, my thighs are bigger, and I know by my appearance, my chest is more defined, my strength is much more developed, and I “look” better than I did when I was weighed/measured a few months ago… why is that?

Well, my body is putting on heavy muscle… muscle is dense, it weights more than fat… so a pound of fat takes up nearly 3-times the space as a pound of muscle… so when you are shrinking in the mirror, you are burning fat, building muscle… your weight may not change, even through you are making permanent, positive changes to your body.

The slide show has two examples of women who have both transformed their bodies… the younger lady gained weight, but looks so much better and is indeed healthier… the second lady did not drop a pound, but look at how amazing she looks! Way to go ladies! The third picture is a visual replica of what fat and muscle tissue look like. Each one is exactly FIVE POUNDS!

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So, when you look at a scale, do not get dejected! You are better, more valuable, and more amazing than a number… you are a hard worker, a motivated, transformation in progress, you are not defined by the number on the scale, you are defined by the fight and the determination to make yourself a healthy, happy, FIT person who is positioning themselves for a very long and healthy life! I believe in you…


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