Week-7: Push yourself

I always consider week-7 the most critical week in the 10-week program. For 10-weekers and FIT students alike, this is a week that we typically have two choices… either give up, or buckle down. The first choice is the easier… you are telling yourself… I am eating better, I got this FXB thing… I can start slacking off…maybe a run after work, or a walk, maybe I will use the elliptical or a bike ride… but the bottom line is… YOU WONT. You wont get the same workout outside of the gym, as you would by showing up for class EVERYDAY. This program is not meant to work at 4-days a week… you need to be here!

The second choice… “buckle down” – this is where results happen. This is where you go from “eh” to “oh-la-la” – lets face it… you are stronger, you are leaner, you are used to the routine… so now lets push through mediocre and sprint into the excellence area of FXB. Its time to do more squats, pushups, and crunches off the bag… its time to kick that bag with all of your power, everytime… its time to reward your hard, sweat inducing workout by eating CLEAN all day… 6-days a week! There is no time for slacking, we have 28 days until the after picture, 28 days until you get to be introduced to the NEW YOU, and 28 days until you have a chance to win $1,000 (or a similar price for our FIT Students).

You deserve the best result possible, so put in the hard work now, and then in 28 days we will celebrate on our FREE DAY together, with lots of fun, friends, and smiles from ear to ear when you see those after pictures!

This week, I am trying to eat cleaner than normal… I made myself Brown Rice, Chicken, Egg, Peas and Carrots… threw them together for a sort-of unfried… fried rice… its pretty yummy… that and then for a snack… some chicken breast… in Mrs. Dash seasoning… a protein bar for breakfast with an AFTER GLOW shake… and then I will have PB2 and an Apple later on this afternoon!

YOU ARE DEDICATED, STRONG, AND DETERMINED… remember this… you signed up for a reason, you had a goal, a vision, and a purpose for investing the money on our program… don’t give up or let any excuse tear you away from that goal… YOU DESERVE to meet and BEAT that goal… the finish line is approaching… I want you to cross that line with PRIDE… now… go get ’em!



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