August Session – 2012

Welcome to the August Session – 2012!

WOOT-WOOT!!! (yes I am that annoying woot-woot guy in class… its me…)

Week one is almost over… 10% of the program is already over… how are you all feeling? (That is not a rhetorical question, responses are strongly encouraged!!!) Tomorrow’s lower body day will be fun… 2-sets of FUN, 2-sets of excitement, and 2-sets of your muscles wondering what the heck you are doing to them so early on a Thursday morning!

Level 10 – I am sure by now you have heard “Level-10” called out in class, maybe at orientation, but do you guys know what it means? Let me help… Level-10 is a way of life… its a way we should approach everything we do in the gym and out of the gym, you can think of it as a “go big or go home”. We encourage each and every one of you to live life to the fullest, give it everything you have… apply that to FXB… Live the next 10-weeks at level-10… dont set yourself up to regret not working hard, eating better, or following the program more closely. We should all strive for perfect attendance, 100% compliance to the nutrition plan, and giving everything we have in each and every workout… That is Level-10… you push yourself until you think you can’t handle it anymore, then you push a little harder… your mind will say quit well before your body needs to quit… your mind underestimate your body’s abilities – and we are here to help your body and your mind transform into a more confident, stronger, more fit version of you!
Good Pain Vs. Bad Pain – You guys know your bodies better than we do. You will have aches and pains, you will have soreness, and your body will just plain hurt throughout this entire program if you are giving it everything you have and working out at level-10. If you look at us during class, you will see we are drowning in sweat… we are going all out, and we are not quitting. I wake up sore and don’t want to get out of bed, I try to climb the stairs and my hamstrings yell at me… and my mind tries to tell me to give up during class on a regular basis… but through this program I have learned that I can give it 100% (or Level 10) and push through the soreness and pain in my shoulders, arms, quads, and abs… I try my hardest to go all of the exercises and not give up until the instructor says to stop. Pain is a good thing… I like to use an “over used” saying…. during the workouts… the pain is weakness leaving the body!
FRIEND ME! – I need friends! We are at, or – and I am on as WayneFXB and have created a group out there called Farrells Extreme Bodyshaping.
That is all I have for this installment of Wayne Babbling about Farrells 🙂 – I want you all to know how amazing you have done so far in class, keep pushing yourselves, and remember in class… the workout and ultimately the results are equal to the effort you put in. We have a saying… X=X – meaning if you do not give an extreme effort, you will not get an extreme result. Whether you are on the bag or off the bag, push through the tiredness and keep moving, keep fighting, and keep reaching toward the goal you have set for yourself…remember the reason you signed up for this class, and keep thinking about how you want to look in that after picture 9-weeks from now! I have seen a ton of strong people at team 6:00am this week… keep going guys… you are all truly doing great.

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