Wayne Lewis

My name is Wayne Lewis and I have involved myself with fitness and healthy choices for the past few years. I am no expert, but someone who is attempting to live a healthy life, I push myself in and out of the gym. On a regular basis you can find me:

  • At FXB Omaha Metro on a daily basis
  • Working out at Gold’s Gym NW Omaha
  • Running/Jogging in and around Omaha
  • Playing Court and Sand Volleyball
  • Shopping at Hyvee for my favorite Healthy Foods (and some not-so-healthy)
  • Promoting Omaha Area Runs, Walks, and Activities

I currently coach and instruct at FXB Omaha Metro – Northwest Location and instruct RT and Cardio classes as well. I enjoy working with people who are trying to find their own motivation for a life-long transformation. I sincerely want everyone to see someone in the mirror that they are proud of. I want their transformation to be physical, mental and spiritual. I get more out of seeing the success of my 10-weekers and FIT students than I do in my own results… and I am lucky to have such a great group of people to workout with on a regular basis!!!


3 thoughts on “Wayne Lewis

    • Laurel… No problem on the kind words about FXB. I have not only gotten a lot out of instructing classes, but out of the program as a whole. My “Team 6:00am” at FXB Omaha Northwest is a great bunch of people, as are all of the instructors and students at my location. I love being a student, coach, and instructor… I would not be as healthy or happy with myself as I am today if it was not for FXB!

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