August Session – 2012

Welcome to the August Session – 2012! WOOT-WOOT!!! (yes I am that annoying woot-woot guy in class… its me…) Week one is almost over… 10% of the program is already over… how are you all feeling? (That is not a rhetorical question, responses are strongly encouraged!!!) Tomorrow’s lower body day will be fun… 2-sets of FUN, … Continue reading

I am a Champion!

Today my post is purely motivational. For anyone who has ever played sports, been in the military, or has a competitive bone in their body, this speech should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. This speech was given to a JV Football team before they went to play in a … Continue reading

Week-7: Push yourself

I always consider week-7 the most critical week in the 10-week program. For 10-weekers and FIT students alike, this is a week that we typically have two choices… either give up, or buckle down. The first choice is the easier… you are telling yourself… I am eating better, I got this FXB thing… I can … Continue reading

Wednesday Night Kickboxing…

Yesterday was a tough one… wow… by the time the 6th set came around for volleyball, I had no legs left. I was not jumping very high, or hitting very hard… next Tuesday… only one workout… I promise! Today I will be taking 4:30pm class… Molly will kick my butt, then I will dish out … Continue reading

Tuesday… Lower-Body…

Today I started using to log my food for the next 5-weeks. I am going to use this to make sure I am sticking with my carb/protein numbers and staying on track… but above all… planning ahead! Lunches/snacks/dinner were all planned last night and packed for a long day. Today I attended lower-body at … Continue reading